PLS is a market-oriented manufacturer of cleaning chemicals with a large focus on sustainability based in Skövde, Sweden. This is our history, who we are and what we offer.

Made in Skövde, Sweden

PLS is a second-generation family business founded in 1973 in a small town in western Sweden called Skövde. Here, we still manufacture our chemicals in our ISO-certified factory according to the basic principle of simple and cost-effective cleaning methods. Our entire business is run with the utmost regard for the environment and the user.

It all started with "Putte"...

The year is 1973. Hooked on a feeling with Björn Skifs tops the charts and Carl XVI Gustaf become the new king in Sweden. At the same time, Skövde-icon John Erik “Putte” Larsson starts up a small company out of his garage. The company manufactures cleaning chemicals and gets the name ‘PL’s’ – ‘Putte Larssons’. What Putte didn’t know then was that he not only started a company, but also laid the foundation for a corporate spirit with a strong environmental foundation and consideration for both users and employees. He strived to develop and produce the most economical, environmentally friendly, efficient and user-friendly cleaning products on the market. Fast forward to the present and our business is still permeated by this spirit, challenging us to constantly improve our products.

More than just wax

It was primarily the floor care system I-VAX that put PLS on the map during the 80s and 90s, but today we are so much more. The business has been developed to today we are an inclusive manufacturer of professional cleaning chemist covering all facility areas, general day care of public areas for more demanding cleaning and disinfection of eg. industry, healthcare and restaurant. If you have another idea for a chemical product, we can help you realize it through our Private Brand department, which produces everything from soaps and shampoos to creams, of course with your own selected scent. We can also offer sales of our own quality recipes under your company’s brand.

A brief timeline